Updated library for nuelectronics / Seeed Studio ethernet shield

seeed-ethernetThe Seeed Studios Ethernet shield is a beautifully made board: the gloss white overlay gives easily the best finish I’ve ever seen on a PCB, and they were smart enough to realise that when people put an Ethernet shield on a project they probably also want to add some custom hardware as well so the spare board area is a mini prototyping area. Sweet! The downside of the board is that it uses the nuelectronics etherShield library which has a tiny but fatal bug that prevents it working on operating systems with case-sensitive filesystems, such as Linux: the wrapper class has incorrect capitalisation on the filename for the library header. The syntax itself is also all over the place with semi-random indentation in the examples that makes them really hard to follow, and there’s close to zero documentation for it. So to save other people the pain I’ve created an updated version of the library and put it on github so it can be updated: github.com/jonoxer/etherShield/tree/master Enjoy!

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